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Contact Us: +61 (07) 4957 6719
Training packages tailored to suit your work environment

PCR Polyweld - Registered Training Organisation

When you or your staff enrol into a training course run by PCR Polyweld, you can be assured that the highest-quality professional training will be provided. We are committed to providing quality training as well as on-going support to the mining and infrastructure industry.

Tailored Courses

We don’t offer a one size fits all courses. We customize all our courses to ensure they are relevant and effective to your business.

Qualified Trainers

Our training courses are conducted by qualified industry experts who are able ensure exceptional standards are maintained throughout your chosen course.

Registered RTO

PCR Polyweld is a registered training organisation to specialist companies in the mining and industrial sectors. 

not simply a “tick and flick” assessment

Training with PCR Polyweld

Ensuring that your staff are fully qualified and certified to work within the mining or industrial sector is vital. From safe and efficient working methods to effective use and maintenance of professional equipment and plant machinery. Proper training and certification underpins all of these aspects.

PCR Polyweld are certified as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). As such, all of the qualifications or statements of attainment that can be achieved through PCR Polyweld’s high-quality training courses are recognised and accepted by the industry.

Experienced Trainers

All of our training courses will be hosted by experienced trainers who themselves have vast industry knowledge and experience to call upon. Delivery of our courses is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of every company, and the environment they operate in. Get in touch with PCR Polyweld today to begin building a training package that is bespoke to your company.

At PCR Polyweld training, our courses are interactive and not simply a “tick and flick” assessment. Our trainers make learning engaging and many courses are undertaken ‘on the job’, working in conjunction with our clients on their project sites.

highest-quality professional

Training Courses

  • RII20215 - Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations
  • RII30115 – Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations
  • MSAPMPER300B – Issue Work Permits
  • RISA Standard 11 Training/Refresher
             - RIICOM201D Communicate in the workplace
             - RIIWHS201D Work Safely and Follow OHS Policies/Procedures
             - RIIRIS201D Conduct Local Risk Control
             - RIIGOV201D Comply with Site work processes/Procedures
             - RIIERR205D Apply Initial Response First Aid
             - RIIERR302D Respond to Local Emergencies and Incidents
  • PMBWELD301 – Butt Weld Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines
  • PMBWELD302 – Electrofusion Weld Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines
  • FWPCOT2238 – Cut Materials with a Hand-Held Chainsaw

These three units can be delivered individually or in any combination required.

Fully qualified and certified RTO

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